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Pillar Boxes


A “Stately Home”

hand-made wooden box

with an original

“First National” Pillar box,

for scale,

“1930’s Airmail box for the short-lived pre-war service to Europe & the Empire. The service was suspended for the duration of hostilities,  Note there are 2 timeplates.

This box was originally from Edinburgh and was damaged beyond economical repair whilst being relocated by workmen using a JCB to remove it from the ground!

This George V box is wearing a livery that was trialed in London during WWII.

The black & white stripes were to prevent injury to pedestrians in the blackout.

The tops were coated with a paint which was designed to change colour in the event of a gas attack.

The internal view of a pristine box!

A modern box previously used in Hong Kong.

Note the Chinese characters on the side of the box.

All UK-style postboxes were removed before Hong Kong reverted to Chinese rule.